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COPES (Community Options Program Entry System)
Program and Homecare

COPES (Community Options Program Entry System) As people age, they should be able to live in security and dignity. Poll after poll has shown that most seniors prefer to stay in their homes after becoming disabled rather than move to nursing homes.

Studies consistently show that itís less expensive for Medicaid, which pays nursing home patient care, if the needs of these citizens are provided by a range of community-based providers. Itís pretty clear that caring for the elders in their homes is a win-win situation.

Institutional care is an entitlement under Medicaid, while community-based care is optional. On average, community-based long-term care is roughly one-third the cost of comparable nursing home care.

SSIC is an informational gateway to the DSHS administered COPES Program.

Our I & A specialists:

Chasity Smith, Bayview Senior Center

Monique Olvera, Oak Harbor Senior Center

Ginny Berube, Camano Island Senior Center